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- Yin_Yang - 东方文化瑰宝太極拳带给您身心益处多多 精神抖擞 容光焕发 神采奕奕 气贯长虹! -
- Traditional Chinese Wellness ExercisesTM hold the answer

Since the ancient days, traditional Chinese wellness exercisesTM such as Taiji and Qigong have always seemed profound and mysterious. Well, the exercise movements per se really are not. As long as you are taught the right exercises that suit your physical condition and lifestyle, you will find yourself progressing naturally. You will notice immediately your level of concentration boosted many folds, and “mysteriously” these exercises will also build up your internal strength and vital energy over time. My name is Shirley Chia. Read on to find out how learning Taiji can help develop a healthier you.

Explore the benefits of learning Taiji

Traditional Chinese wellness exercisesTM can be classified into fast and slow movements. Slow movement exercises like those in Taiji, besides giving you just as good a workout, generally also serve excellent healthcare purposes. In today’s modern society where people tend to neglect the importance of exercising and become vulnerable to developing chronic diseases due to their stressful but sedentary lifestyles, I feel that the answer lies in traditional Chinese wellness exercisesTM.

- Shirley ChiaShirley Chia
Certified Instructor
Taiji & Wushu Judge
- How Taiji turned my health around 20 years ago

Twenty years ago, I was working in the tailoring line. The nature of my work was loaded with trivial details and my schedule was hectic. I did not take good care of my health. As time passed, I became lethargic, fell ill easily and was under-performing. The turning point came when I discovered Taiji and various other Chinese martial arts. The exercises gradually restored my health. I have not had more zest for life before. Having personally experienced the health-restoring benefits of traditional Chinese wellness exercisesTM, I strongly recommend them to anyone who values great health in both the mind and body.

My Taiji Training Background

It has been 19 years since I apprenticed under several well-known Chinese masters including Zhou Shu Sheng, Zhu Tien Cai, Shu Zhi Fang, Liu Wei, Pan Shu Yi, Ge Chun Yan and many others. I have served as a judge at the Singapore National Wushu Federation for 10 years now and have accumulated over a decade of coaching experience. I was invited to be Chief Judge in the 2nd World Kuoshu All Style Martial Arts Championship Tournament 2006 hosted by the Singapore Martial Arts Instructors’ Association.

Learning and Mastering Taiji can be easy

My aim as a Taiji coach has always been to devise a simple way to introduce the wonders of this traditional Chinese exerciseTM, long enjoyed by our forefathers, to modern, busy people that we all are today. Gleaned from my many years of learning, coaching and judging experience, I am proud to introduce to you my personalised, simple and easy-to-pick-up exercise regimes which are highly effective. If you wish to glow with radiance and be flushed with vigour and energy all year round, all it needs is 10 to 15 minutes of your time every day. Not only will you progress very quickly picking up these supposedly profound exercise movements, if you keep at it regularly, you will be surprised by the transformation of your state of health in no time!

Yours sincerely,
Shirley Chia

- Poses

Testimonials from Students

Winston and Christine - "We started to have couple goals since we got married - to learn a skill together for quality time and bonding. We chose Taichi from Jan 2021 and love it ever since.

As we are beginners, private lessons help us to enhance our learning, as our teacher is able to pay full attention to us and correct our moves. Shirley is very knowledgeable and encouraging. She is not only clear but also extremely patient. Her passion, enthusiasm, and professionalism make our learning journey very enjoyable.

As we progress, we can feel our moves are less stiff and we start to feel the energy from our palms, which we were sceptical initially. Slowly and gradually, we feel our weak muscles strengthens, body stability increases and we are more focused in the things we do in our lives.

Christine had an incorrect way of walking for the longest time and it had caused her to have a bad fall twice. Taichi has corrected her walking habits naturally!

Most common notion for Taichi is that it is for the elderly. We feel it's the reverse because in the intense pace of life of the current world, relaxing is a luxury. Making time for Taichi is not just a choice but also a commitment. Realizing its benefits, it is inevitable that it has become our way of life."

Winston and Christine
"I do not have major health issues but I am health conscious most of time and I decided to learn Taichi after reading about all its positive attributes. I wanted private lessons to benefit from the instructors full attention and to make sure that I learn the correct moves. When I started lessons with Shirley, there were times I wanted to give up. I move stiffly possessing none of the gracefulness required. At times, the movements were too complicated for me to remember, although they look effortless when executed by Shirley. But perseverance and Shirley’s patience paid off. I ended up mastering Taichi and Liu He Ba Fa, something which I never thought I would achieve. My movements became more graceful with practice and I can feel the Chi emanating from my palms when I practice. Both forms have become part of my health routine and my body is thanking me for that. The aches and pains I occasionally experience from spending too much time in front of the computer have all but disappeared. When they do appear, a few rounds of Taichi would alleviate the pain. My experience with Shirley has been positive overall and I would recommend her to anyone who is keen to include Taichi as part of their health regime. She is more than a Taichi instructor to me. She also doubles up as a life coach and health guru."

Madeline Chang
"I started taichi with Shirley almost a year ago because I needed a sport which will help strengthen my muscles and also not be too stressful on my joints. I have enjoyed my lessons thoroughly and look forward every week to my next lesson. Shirley is a very patient, encouraging and inspiring teacher. Under her tutelage I was pleasantly surprised that I could master taichi iin several months, having thought it would be difficult. I have found taichi to be beneficial for my core muscle stength, body stability and flexibility. It is also a calming and relaxing form of exercise which is very therapeutic for busy and stressed out professionals. Taichi is a highly sustainable activity because it can be practised anywhere and anytime without the need for specialised equipment or venues, and it can even be practised by the unfit and elderly. I highly recommend Shirley for her enthusiasm and professionalism in imparting the skills of this traditional Chinese martial art form."

Mrs Yang CH
"Shirley has been teaching me for more than a year. I enjoy her lessons very much as she not only impart the taichi movement clearly, she also explain the fundamentals of each steps so that I will not miss out the benefits of the movements. Each step in taichi is to enhance your inner strength as to make you more focus and reduce stress.

Since practicing taichi from Shirley, my mind and body feels stronger. My fitness stamina also improve and spiritually feel happy. Shirley also provide experience of mind for practicing taichi. She guide me that my mind should be free from other things, concentrate on the postures, stabilize your legs and relax your upper body to drive the beauty of Taichi quan movement. With body and mind relax, I can feel my body is mobile and light for each movement.

I highly recommend Shirley for anyone who want to master Taichi to improve your mind and body. "

"I started learning Taiji a few years back, enrolled in classes from the community center. Dropped out after a couple of months. Couldn't find the connection. Lost interest. Found no meaning in just following the movements, which I am not even sure I executed them correctly, as most of the time I was trying to catch up with the group.

My affinity聽with Taiji would have ended if not for Shirley. I chanced upon her website - The Taiji Studio. Read her story. Her sincerity in wanting to help others appreciate and benefit from Taiji caught my attention. At that point, I was looking to take up some exercise to keep myself healthy. Decided to give it a try. And thereby started my Taiji journey with Shirley.

I have practiced under the guidance of Shirley for the last few months. I am glad I made the decision. With Shirley's coaching, this time I really felt connected with Taiji - it is not just about movements any more; I am educated about the principles; at times I can feel the qi flowing as I executed the moves; I think now I am doing it right. Thanks Shirley.

I always look forward to the trainings with Shirley. She is patient, has in-depth knowledge about Taiji, and most importantly, is ever so encouraging whenever my clumsiness stands in the way of learning. I am confident I will master Taiji in my lifetime and will be able to reap the many benefits it brings.

Once again, thank you Shirley.

To those who intends to start your own Taiji journey, I urge you to get the right guidance. If you have no one in mind, I would strongly recommend my master, Master Shirley Chia, from The Taiji Studio. Best of luck and enjoy your Taiji journey. "

Robin T
"Shirley is a very qualified, professional, patient and engaging TaiJi teacher. She is able to put her many years of skills, knowledge and experiences into simple movements that is easy to learn, effective and interesting.

I enjoyed her lessons very much and highly recommend anyone who is serious in mastering Taiji or simply looking for a new form of exercise."

Tham Fun Yuen
Director, Xuan Learning International Pte Ltd
Liau Yuan - "Her expertise can be attributed to her passion to pursue higher levels of the art even though she is a certified instructor with the Singapore National Wushu Federation. In addition, her well structured and systematic lessons are lively and tailored to different kinds of students. Be it a beginner to advance level students, you can expect a fruitful experience with her.

Hui Sing is a teacher who is willing and able to impart the gist of martial arts to her students.  She often highlights the underlying principles and theories of each movement."

Liau Yuan
Group Leader, Information Security lab (Mindef)
Tham Zhenhuan - "Under Teacher Huixing's dedicated coaching, Taiji has improved my problematic joint conditions significantly and my quality of life has been so much better. I am grateful to meet Teacher Huixing, who has an impressive mastery of Taiji."

Tham Zhenhuan
"It’s been a great pleasure to be taught by Shirley. I have been learning Tai Chi under her guidance over the past few years. She is a very patient teacher and has excellent knowledge in the field of Tai Chi. One of her strength lies in her ability to communicate to her students in a way that students can understand the techniques easily considering the complexity in Tai Chi. Furthermore, her passion in teaching Tai Chi is evident to the students and it is definitely commendable."

Dave Hum - "I have been learning Tai Ji from Master Shirley since 1997. She is competent in her knowledge, training and teaching due to her long years of good training under a few renowned China Masters. More importantly, she is patient and passionate to teach in a clear , simple, effective and friendly styles and is enthusiastic in sharing her learnings with students. I personally have benefited greatly from her teaching. A number of my friends (with martial arts background), introduced by me to learn under her, have greatly complimented her good teaching."

Dave Hum
Feng Shui practitioner
"Shirley makes the learning of Taiji simple with explanations of every moves. Learning from her is one of the best investment for my time and health."

Richard Yeo Se Chun
PROBATE Enterprise
Wan Tung Han - "My wife and myself enjoyed the basic TaiJi class conducted by master Shirley. She is very professional and patient with her students; and under her guidance we are able to pick up TaiJi with ease. She is very engaging thus making it very interesting every class. We’d highly recommend Shirley to anyone who is keen to pick up TaiJi as a form of exercise or hobby."

Wan Tung Han
Director, Wesrich Pte Ltd
"I have been suffering from years of bad health due to stress from my work. About a year and a half ago, I picked up Tai Chi as a form of exercise, and I have felt my health improving significantly ever since. I have more energy for my daily activities, a better constitution and appetite, better sleep, and reduced body aches.

Shirley is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and knowledgeable, always correcting my mistakes and giving me pointers for improvement. Not only is she an excellent teacher of Tai Chi, her passion, skill and enthusiasm inspires me to improve myself in this martial art. Tai Chi is now very much a part of my life, much of it because of her teaching."

Peter Hung
"I came to learn Taiji around April 2010 and since then, I have come to like it more & more. Initially, I was not aware of the health benefits of Taiji but after sometime, I came to discover that previously, I have poor blood circulation and as a result, suffer from cold hands & feet, they will have a tingling warmth after each Taiji session! My blood circulation has since improved for the better. Taiji is indeed an exercise that improves health! In addition, I find that when I'm practising Taiji, it trains my mind to be focused. It helps to keep me calm, disciplines my mind to rest & to let go of distractions. This greatly helps to reduce stress.
Initially, learning Taiji is a great challenge to me as I have difficulty focusing during the lessons.  If not for Shirley, I would not have been able to persevere through; not to even mention that I am actually currently making good progress. This is because Shirley has been very helpful, patient & encouraging and I have really learned a lot from her. As a bonus, other than having a great teacher, I also have very amicable fellow students whom I enjoy interacting with in our weekly practice session. Taiji is indeed a healthy sport and an exercise that is suitable for all age group. I strongly recommend learning Taiji with Shirley."

Yann Luk
Theresa - "The 1st time we looked up for Taiji classes on the internet, we found Master Shirley who possesses lots of experience and the necessary credentials. Because of her professional image, we decided to give it a try, signed up promptly and consequently found that her lessons are amazing! Since then, we have been attending lessons regularly for more than a year. We find that not only is she able to coach in a way that is conducive to understanding, but she is also very encouraging and patient - such a wonderful teaching style is what we are looking for. Hence, despite the long journey from the Northeast of Singapore to its West, we are always looking forward to her lesson! Every time you learn and practice, you'll find that you get better not just physically but have an increased feeling of mental well-being as well. This Taiji class is definitely for people who desire to work towards a healthier body. Thanks Shirley."

Pang Kong Nyen,Teresa Tan
"Shirley is a great taichi teacher. Having no experience in taichi prior to lessons with her, I was unsure of what to expect. However, she guided me through the early stages of taichi effortlessly, and her mastery and understanding of taichi helped me gain confidence in my own ability. Years of teaching experience arms her with an array of tips, tricks, and neatly packaged analogies that really helped me grasp the fundamentals of taichi better.

In regards to my experience with taichi, I find that it has helped strengthened my previously weak joints, and increased my stability and balance. Being a martial arts enthusiast, I greatly enjoy taking the forms we learn and thinking of ways it can be applied to real life situations. Learning the taichi forms has also been a fulfilling part of my taichi journey. Learning a new form gives me a new perspective into taichi, while practicing and mastering the ones I already know gives me a sense of familiarity and calm. In general, my experience with taichi and Shirley has been a fruitful and enriching one."

Richmond Lee
Marnix Boorsma - "I have a fair bit of experience with Japanese martial arts. I have a sizeable family and a busy job with frequent travel, and more and more I started to crave  creating a quiet and relaxed moment in my day. The health benefits of tai chi have been widely published and it seemed a good fit. I investigated various schools and possibilities and decided on Shirley because of her experience as a tai chi competition judge, her strong experience in the art and her overall demeanor. She proved very capable, fit and powerful. I hope I will be in her shape when I am her age! In fact, I would like to be in her shape right now! Shirley has a relaxed but insisting method of teaching. She is pleasantly direct, eager to point out the moments I looked more than a duck trying to fly rather than a man trying to do tai chi. Through her pragmatic teaching, I was able to learn the 85-step form quickly and am now working to reach higher levels of proficiency. Most importantly, I have been able to build in my daily moment of quiet. My posture is improving, my legs are stronger and I like to think I am more relaxed. I am looking forward to studying further with Shirley."

Marnix Boorsma
Finance Manager
"I have heard about Taiji and its health benefits long time back. It is a form of 'safe' exercise that one can continue to practise as long as the body allows. However, I did not look out for any classes until my company offers Taiji as a health programme. Taking the opportunity, I learned the Yang Style 85 Form and Taiji for All from Coach Shirley.

Since I started learning Taiji about 2 years ago, I benefited a lot from the exercise. I am more aware of my movements and coordination, having better sitting and standing postures, achieving mental and physical relaxation. All these will not be possible without Shirley's guidance. She is very patient and able to explain the detail movements of each body part and the underlying rationale of the movements in a simple manner. Her experience, coaching style and dedication allow me to appreciate the taiji techniques and the art easily. I look forward to her class every week."

Lydia Chen
IT Professional
Jason Wong - "Having practiced Tae Kwon Do and Karate actively for over 17 years, my knees have developed problems. Jogging even for short distances caused excruciating pain and swelling in my knees.This was probably made worse by my decision to adopt vegetarian diet in last 10 years. As a result, I was prescribed glucosamine sulphate supplement by the doctor for my condition. This helped relieve the pain in my knees but caused gastric problems for me. Fortunately, after taking Tai Chi lessons from Shirley for about 9 months, my knees felt stronger and the pain reduced significantly despite me not taking any supplements for my knees anymore."

Jason Wong
Beauty Biz Consultant