The Taiji Studio

- 太极拳融武术、气功、引导为一体,是中毕传统保健的精萃。它有强身健体、祛病延年的功能,是一种老少皆宜、最适于一家大小的 “ 内外兼收 ” 的活动。太极拳是一种意识、呼吸动作三者紧密结合的运动形式。外形上表现为洒脱凝重,中正安舒、轻灵稳定、圆滑柔和、均匀缓慢,而内在又兼以 “ 心静、神聚 ” 、 “ 气如轮专 ”的意识活动与呼吸运动,从而达致 “ 意动形随 ” 、 “内外合一” 、 “动静平衡”。练太极拳确实对人体的神经系统、循环系统、消化系统、排泄系统、运动系统都有极好的锻炼效果,对不少慢性疾病有防冶作用。



Taijiquan, a creation of China’s ancient past, is a traditional martial art and health-promotion exercise. There are many different styles of Taijiquan but all of them share a fundamental philosophy – the unification of internal energy (qi), continuous movement, centering, rooting and relaxed alertness, Apart from health benefits, Taijiquan enhances spiritual cultivation and equips the learner with self-defence knowledge. Practising Taijiquan helps improve the circulation of qi (internal energy), which can prevent many ailments. Participants will learn static and dynamic balance, coordination of movements with good bodily control, relaxation and mental discipline.

In today’s busy world, it is all too common to see people skipping exercise and neglecting their health due to their hectic lifestyle. This is counter-productive as lethargy and declining ability to focus will soon set in.

To regain your good health and vigour, get started today on the Taijiquan courses offered by The Taiji Studio. All it needs is 20 to 30 minutes of your time everyday and you are on your way to everlasting great health. Hesitate no more, sign up today!

Why Taiji?
  • Practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years
  • Proven Medically
  • To balance the Yin and Yang
  • Low impact exercise reduce the risk of sudden death
  • Improve one’s alertness
  • Improve one’s fitness level
Benefits of Taiji Practice
  • Strengthen bodies due to reduced prone of injury
  • Build resilience by eliminating ailments
  • Dissipates Stress and reduce stress related problems
  • Taiji Breathing enables one to reach tranquility faster
  • Enhance functions of one’s internal organs (E.g. Heart and Lungs)
  • Increases stamina as movement spurs a continuous rejuvenating effect
  • Prevent high blood pressure & high cholesterol
  • Energizes and Rejuvenates your Body and Mind
  • Heightens one emotional wellness
  • Catalyst for good health condition
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